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Welcome to OurMXWorld

Welcome to OurMXWorld, brought to you by the team behind WinMXWorld, supporting the WPN community since 2005.



The development team have released a beta copy of the new client and are asking for feedback and more essentially bug reports so they can improve the client and the user experience.
Click here to see the announcement
The team previously put together some screen shots and some text outlining the functioning of the client during its constuction which you can still see here.


Click Here for Tutorial (external site)
WinmxGroup has put together a tutorial and a custom list designed specifically to help stop some of the malicious traffic targeted at government and corporate IP's.
Depending what software you're running, you might have to 'allow' some ip's. You can do this by right clicking on IP in the log on the main PeerBlock screen and selecting one of the allow menu items.

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